Hear what everyone is saying

Over 99% of our clients have said they were “Extremely Satisfied” with their visit and the services they received here at PCCV, and that they would recommend us to a friend. We love our clients, and they can tell. We’re proud to share with you what some of them are saying:

Cozy atmosphere, warm friendly staff. [My counselor] was just very helpful and friendly. Never seemed judging and in my case…most people would be.
The counselor was very helpful and supportive and gave great advice. It was like she was someone I knew or like a friend. I liked the fact that it did not seem impersonal like a hospital, and that not only was the establishment very welcoming, but so was the staff with their upbeat and positive attitudes.
Normally I would find this kind of thing awkward but it wasn’t. My counselor was very helpful to me and made me feel very welcome...let me know all my options and she was interested in me and my needs.
The counselor was very kind and sincere and gave a very positive outlook. She was able to give a lot of helpful information. I want to thank you for the time and help that your counselors give to each one of us that asks for your help. I liked having someone to talk to & not judge me. Also feeling as if life will go on.
The counselor was very sensitive to my needs and she listened. It was very helpful in a lot of ways and I really love this place already.
So welcoming and understanding – made me less stressed and I feel so much better now. My needs were satisfied. I got what I came for in a decent time and respectful manner.
The fact that I had someone to talk to that was young and understanding was what I liked best about my visit today. I could relate to her. I could be completely honest and unjudged. The services are free—huge help.

And that’s just the beginning! If you’re looking for someone to talk to about your situation, give us a call or stop in today.