Are You Considering Abortion?

If you have recently found out you are pregnant you may be asking yourself “What now?”. Like any other decision in life, you will want to research your options, the potential risks and how each may affect your life. Our trained peer counselors can provide the information you need and, along with our Medical team, help answer any questions you may have. We offer an environment that is free from outside pressures where you can safely explore your options. All our services are quick, confidential and respectful of you.

You can only make this decision once, so be sure to get the information you need first to make the one that is right for you.

Abortion Procedures

Abortion Risks

Virginia Law-Required Ultrasound

Things to Consider

ThriVe® Women’s Healthcare of Central Virginia does not perform or refer for abortions.

"I could be completely honest and unjudged.
The services are free—huge help.
          - PCCV Client